• Have A Lekker Time Playing South Africa’s Most Unique Online Games And Slots

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  • With winter approaching, we can start to prepare for it getting a little cooler and we’ll be swapping out our flip flops for slippers in no time. One thing is for sure, we’ll be spending a lot more time indoors to escape the chill, so staying entertained is essential.

    If there is one thing that will always be fun, it’s playing computer games. Since they were first brought to our screens in blocky 8-bit, video games are endless sources of enjoyment and they have even been shown to...

  • Google Might Buy Game Studios And Develop Hardware For Its Upcoming Game Streaming Service

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  • Earlier this year, rumors began circulating about 'Yeti', a game streaming service from Google. Much like Nvidia GeForce NOW and other platforms, it would allow users to play modern games on low-end hardware (because the rendering is done by off-site servers). Kotaku has now confirmed this information, and provided additional details.

    According to Kotaku, the streaming platform is still under development, along with hardware designed for the platform. Since streaming games doesn't r...

  • The Major Differences Between 'indie' And 'AAA' Video Games

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  • There are two main styles of games developed across the gaming industry: "indie" and "AAA."

    Despite the overwhelming library of titles available to gamers today, the vast majority of them can be surprisingly broken down into these two groups, based on their development. Both styles are very different, ranging from price to graphical design and file size. This article aims to make the differences between the two clear.

    It's important to note, though, that this i...

  • London Uses Mobile Gaming App To Help Tackle Overtourism

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  • Many travelers are glued to their phones, so why not put them to even greater use? That’s what London tourism officials are hoping to do but whether this will actually help disperse tourism throughout the city rather than generate revenue for already crowded attractions remains to be seen.

    More than two billion people worldwide play mobile app games, and London & Partners, the city’s tourism board, only needs a fraction of those gamers and travelers to visit to help carry...

  • 16 Year Old South African Wonder-kid’s Mobile Game A Global Hit

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  • Torus. is a fun, fast-paced, engaging arcade game that people love to have on their phones for quick and relaxing play sessions – as evidenced by the high number of 5-star reviews the game has received since hitting the international audience.

    Sixteen-year-old self-taught Johannesburg game developer Brandon Kynoch cracks the big time with the App Store choosing his game Torus. as its Game of the Day in 137 App stores worldwide.

    This is the first time th...